Friday, November 30, 2012

The Chromebook Revolution

The Chromebooks have landed.  They cannot be considered a toy or an experimental fad by Google, any longer.  Now they are here to stay as the new and revolutionary intelligent terminals of the Cloud Centric Age.  In the past, we used to installed all apps in our computers, and run them locally.  For that we needed faster and faster PCs with more and more memory, both ram and hard disk.

Now, as in the beggining, the apps are installed on servers, somewhere in the cloud and we just need an intelligent terminal to access and use them.  This approach allows these apps to be more powerful, and save us the work and pain of keeping them updated and well configure. That job is now in the hands of the experts.  We just need to subscribe to the appropriate sites and choose powerful passwords to keep our data safe.

Obviously, not all the traditional locally installed applications, like Photoshop and Microsoft Office have equivalent online apps.  But the development of online, web based apps, is moving rapidly and as of now there are apps for creating and handling documents, photos, images and even videos that offers most of the functions that most of us would ever need.  And as time goes by, they will only grow more numerous, capable and powerful.

We could still use a traditional PC to access the Internet and connect with all those new and exciting web based apps, but PCs are not configure and optimized for that.  Personal Computers are best used to run local applications where we, the end users, need to keep configuring and optimizing them for whatever task we are running.  Even more, PCs need lots of maintenance.  Over time, a PC used to access the Internet will get slow, infected with viruses and loaded with documentation and data that may be lost whenever the PC starts to misbehave.

So we need a new kind of web access device.  One that is not bug down by viruses.  One that does not require continuous updates, optimization and reconfiguration.  One that does not requires a lot of maintenance.  One that is optimized and configure to run online apps.  One that turns on almost immediately and just keeps running.  One that allows you to forget about the PC and concentrate on the task at hand.

Google, the online search and services giant, have design and develop that kind of intelligent terminal: The Chromebook.   It took them years of research, development and implementation.  This is not the result of a weekend hack by a bored hacker.  The Chromebook is a well design, implemented, and verified device.  It went thru various iterations, both in the Operating System, Internet Browser and hardware, till the new generation of Chromebooks has become ready for mass deployment.

The Chromebook, the intelligent Web-Cloud terminal of the 21st century is here! Tested, ready and willing to take over the world. And backed by the main Internet search and services company.

So it is about time you get yours.  And although all Chromebooks use the same Chrome Operating System, based on Linux,  there are various models at various prices, starting at just $200. There is even a Chromebox, a small form factor desktop unit, that you can use to replace your aging Desktop Tower.

Chromebooks are not only fast, mobile, and web optimized; they also consume less energy than your traditional desktop or laptop, and because of their low price, the savings on electricity alone will cover the cost of the unit within a short period of time.

So my friend jump into the bandwagon of the immediate future.  Get your Chromebook today. At their current prices they make a great second computer.  One that will immediately become your primary (Internet access) device;  leaving your old desktop/laptop, gathering dust, waiting for you to run that  piece of software you don't want to run online.  Mine has been collecting dust since the summer of 2012.

I swear to God, one of these days I will bring it back from under the bed, set it up on the Desktop, and installed the latest version of Debian, PCBSD or a similarly powerful, conventional Operating System on it.  I still miss the old days... reconfiguring, optimizing and recompiling the entire Operating System... and, yes, there are things  you might  not want to run online.  But even then, is nice to have the Chromebook around to get back online,  whenever you want.

So my friend, welcome to the new online, Chromebook based world.

Have fun.

God Bless.